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Blog - 3 Easy Steps To Your Dream Wedding

Double Ceremonies

How We Made Lynda & Paul’s and Terry & Danica’s Wedding Dreams Come True !

3 simple steps we took to guarantee the smooth flow & superior DJ entertainment at one of the most important events in these couples' live's

If you read only one blog, please read this one all the way through.   There is so much information to relay,
but I will summarize as best I can.   It really describes how we work with and care about our clientele.

Step One:   Reach Out and Consultation

It all began with a phone call.   “Help” came from the other end.   Lynda had no idea how to begin vetting for a reputable DJ firm for their wedding.   Additionally, her brother was also planning to marry and they wanted a double ceremony to take place.   Each couple would combine their guests from both sides all in one venue.   A big wedding, a big dinner and the ultimate wedding reception needed to be planned out to exceed all expectations.

So, we scheduled an in-person consultation over coffee.   Once there, we presented our company in a slideshow highlighting what we can do for our clientele.   This initial meeting hammered out two-thirds of what all parties could expect to see, and their thoughts of what might be possible in their modern-day wedding celebration.   The meeting establishes a great deal of trust and comfort for both couple’s involved and for myself, as we move forward into both friendship and business relations.

Once we discussed the majority of their wishes and desires, we established a continued means of communication for ideas, updates and changes as they happened.   At this point, our couple's were ready to book.   They were given homework to complete before we met for a second time, so that things would progress even faster and more smoothly at that point.   To sum up the meeting we presented a list of reputable, trusted vendors for halls, tent rentals, catering and photography.   The wedding planner package we give our clients would also prove to be absolute gold for them in the months to follow.

“ To say that he  ‘.. knocked it out of the park’  is a huge understatement.   Darrell totally nailed it for us – there was not a moment our guests weren’t dancing.   He is the number 1 ! ”   - Lynda P

Step Two:   Stay In Touch - Unlimited and Prompt Communication . .

. . is paramount to a successful event.   Lynda would call me to ask me about the venue’s they were looking at.   Initially the event went from a private backyard, then to a small hall, and eventually to a large hall that could hold all of their guests, and have the wedding ceremony’s in full view!   The venue even came with its own full room up-lighting, so that saved them some money off of our already generous wedding package rates.

Some five months down the road, and we met again for our second in-person consultation.   This meeting finalized the majority of their wedding day itinerary (for both parties), and personal scheduled items that would be required to help the flow of their ceremony’s, the dinner hour and reception go as smooth as possible.   Once the meeting finished, we all headed down to the hall for a venue walk-through.

This is so beneficial as it eliminates any surprises of where the tables (of different sizes) would be set up, where the buffet tables would be and where eventually, I would be set up.   It turned out great, as I would have full view of the entire hall and end up with the dance floor right in front of me.   Totaly awesome .. !

Step Three:   Finalize All Details

In the weeks prior, I made sure that I had every specialized song they requested.   Some had to be custom-edited to match their needs.   All details and itinerary events were finalized in the two weeks prior to their big day.   Sure enough, there were some hiccups and changes right up to the very day of, but hey that’s life . .   and besides, we made it all work with no worries.   On the day of, everything was neatly in place.   All vendor’s were on time and set to go.   I met the officiant and discussed their ceremony’s timing and music right down to the second.   We had gotten there early to set up and get the dance lighting, equipment and microphone’s ready, so there were no surprises later on.   Everything had been set up perfectly.

That evening on a hot day in July would become a great addition to some of the best wedding day celebration’s that we have played.   Once the dancing actually started . . WOW . . is all I can say . . what a great time !   The floor was packed right to the end.

“ You were fantastic.   We could not have imagined just how great this would ultimately turn out to be.   Thank you so much for everything.   We will remember this forever. ”   - Terry K

In Summary

We remain good friends today and look forward to playing for them again for their friends and family.

Their day was the very definition of success because both couple’s had planned appropriately and stress-free due to the guidance that was provided.   All they needed was a simple matter of check’s and balances by the month and week, where each item just fell into place, and was easy to track.

You can follow these quick steps as well by simply reaching out to me about your upcoming event.   I guarantee you the same care and attention to detail that you yourself would devote to your important day.   Respectively, I can help as much OR as little as you desire.   For example, not everyone wishes to meet in person.   Some want to handle most all of their ideas and planning themselves.   So that’s cool too.   But, if you are planning a wedding involving several professional vendors, and you :

  • are unsure in any way of how to move forward / are afraid you might forget something
  • could use trusted vendor recommendations
  • have questions about this whole musical entertainment thing
  • need guidance on your Ceremony or Reception itinerary

Then you should reach out to me today.

Call, text, or click below to get started.   The experience I am able to bring to the table can only benefit you.   I take my work seriously with a big side of fun and humor,  and so should you.

So hey - T.I.A. and I’ll see you soon   : )    - Darrell