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Blog - Selecting Music For Your Event

wedding dj

Should selecting your music be based solely on the styles you prefer?   It depends . . .

There are so many things to consider when planning your next event.   Chief among these are what music you want played while you and your guests enjoy the excitement.   With the sheer number of event types and varied music styles, I'll keep the focus here to weddings . . our favorite events!

So . .  Congratulations, you're engaged !

You have an early start to your planning.   You've done your research and hired your professional DJ.   Bravo.   A good chat with your actual wedding DJ will go a long way to setting you up correctly, so you get the music selection you want.   But, how do you arrive at a final decision?   Here's some solid advice.   (  The timeline of events for each wedding vary considerably, so I'll just touch on a few of those I find most people have trouble with  ).

From the Ceremony to your First Dance

Your ceremony music should absolutely, be all about you and your fiance.   The music types, timings and any custom song editing to match will normally be about the two of you (and indirectly about your bridal party).   Once the ceremony ends, you should have some soft music playing between then and your grand entrance to the hall (for your reception).   This may or may not entail 'cocktail hour' while people wander about the venue.   This brief internment could take a couple of hours depending on your timeline.   What style played here depends on you and the crowd.   Do you want easy listening, classical or modern r'n'b?   Don't forget you want something everyone will enjoy during this time.   You can also have the DJ carry this format forward into your 'dinner music' selection.   Jazz, swing, indie, contemporary folk and all of the above mentioned genres will usually take their place during these first few hours before the main dancing begins.

But you also have other selections to consider.   One of the most important is your first dance as a married couple.   My advice is to pick something that really means something to you.   It should state how you feel as if you were talking to your new partner.   You want to remember this song for the rest of your life, and it should be the one that has the happiest memory for you.   A song or two for any parental dances would be nice as well and the parent in question can usually pick one out almost right away.

For everyone else

Now you're at the entertainment part of your evening.   Let the dancing begin!   Most of us tend to automatically choose what we know.   Usually that entails what we've grown up with.   But with today's music, and so many genres intersecting with each other now, the lines here get crossed very quickly.   Yes, it may be your reception, but it is also for everyone else who have attended, with gifts in-hand to help you celebrate.   The bottom-line here is to consider the age of all of your guests who will be in attendance and plan for their enjoyment appropriately.   I'm not saying the DJ has to play two straight hours of a certain era or genre to satisfy half of your crowd, but yes, they will likely have to play some to make an honest attempt at pleasing those who didn't grow up with 'your' music.   To summarize, you should be sure that what you choose to be played will be enjoyed by the majority in attendance.   For a reception, a good mix of everything is usually the best policy.   It simply allows 'something' recognizable for everyone.

There could be an exception of course.   You could already know the type of crowd you will have and for sure, what they like.   If you do, that's great!   In my experience, these types are pretty much guarantees that everyone will be dancing because the style and era have already been preselected.   I love these ones!   But with a widely aged crowd, the DJ can usually pick out what they need by using your suggestions and by reading the crowd and taking their requests.   When clients book with us, I make sure that I get down every song they can think of.   This way, I have a good starting point when I'm there and can always make an informed judgement of what will work well once the dance floor heats up.

If you're having a small reception and are using a device with a streaming playlist, then your guests can pick out what they want themselves.   This way, they can't complain too loudly later on, that they didn't hear what they wanted!   It's not really the best option, especially for a larger wedding reception, but it happens.

Before your day arrives - for any event - it is best if you can ask any potential guests what they might like to hear.   Armed with this knowledge ahead of time, it can only mean success for you and your ability to research and hire (a great DJ) well.   We have many selections from many genres and can even advise you on this year's current wedding song trends if you like.   Give us a    phone call / text  or   contact us here.   I would love to see how we can make your event the best it can be.   :)