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Blog - Up-Lighting


Blog Up-Lighting

Aesthetically Pleasing, Up-lighting Transforms Cold Halls into Warm and Inviting.

Up-lighting  can simply be defined as decorating with light.   In most cases, when we employ up-lighting – it’s used in an indoor hall to highlight pillars, other wall features, or tooling (drapery) on ceiling to floor backdrops or windows.    Used with the right colour scheme (dresses, flowers, decor) they can really beautify your party space.

Most up-lighting is aesthetically best when viewed from a distance of from 20 to 80 feet away.   The light in question will usually reflect off of a spot on the ceiling that helps the piece being highlighted to stand out even more.   Even simple wall designs can take on new life when lit correctly.

But having said that, there is a down-side to using them.   Too much up-lighting can ruin an otherwise beautiful room and take away something from what should have been a moderately lit venue.   Some dj’s purposely light up their equipment / speaker stands to really stand out.   While it may look nice, a dj’s fully lit setup isn’t generally supposed to be about them.   At a wedding, it’s about the bride and groom, and any respectable dj should be keeping the majority of ‘continuously-on’, light-getting attention away from themselves.   At a corporate event, however - well then hey, why not?

Placing up-lights on walls that have nothing to highlight or in a room with too many windows with sunlight is also somewhat of a waste of time.   Sure the colours look nice, but the client is also paying for these, so unless they’re ok with you lighting up a wall with nothing on it, I suggest either not using up-lights at all or placing decorative trees / plants or some other piece on the walled portions that might look alot better being lit.   In contrast, empty walls might not be used but the hall’s door frames, window ledges and decorative trim may be up-lit instead.   A good walk-through of the venue should be done prior to the main event to guage exactly how things will look.

We use customized par stands and light shields to prevent the lamps overspray from bothering guests while at an event.   This helps contain the light to precisely where we want it.

We also employ a contrasting colour scheme in large halls - most notably for weddings.   It is absolutely beautiful and we try to use it every chance we get.   It makes for fantastic pictures and video while everyone parties.

What Is The Average Cost For This?

Our charge for this service is $25.00 per light used at an event.   Considering most people pay a decorator upwards of $2500.00 for a single evening, our charge for example, say 16 up-lights all around a large ballroom would come to $400.00.   This is cheap compared to what the decorator would charge if they use their own.   More than one such decorating professional have told me that they charge a minimum of $30.00 plus tax per light used, and they always get it.   (For 16 lights, that’s $537.60).   Some charge even more because of the damage or outright theft that occurs to their equipment.

That is the other down-side to using pars and bars for up-lighting - they can get damaged quickly by careless party-goers.   The light shields tend to get kicked first or moved by passers-by and we have to watch them constantly.   Power restrictions (ie: plug-in access) can also be a problem using up-lights in a hall that just wasn’t designed for modern-day electrical code.

Setting them up is a lot of work especially when using several in a large venue.   Our cost covers the time involved in conducting the set up and alignment, the lights that are constantly running for hours at a time, and finally the take-down and packing away again.   Most services will add a clause into their contracts that cover any damage by careless party-goers, but this is usually discussed well ahead of time.

What Colours Are Possible?

Our par and bar lamps can be programmed with up to 255 shades each of Red, Green and Blue.    This allows wide colour combinations across most of the colour spectrum.   However, we carry lights that have very different features built in to them.   As mentioned, all have the RGB values, but half of what we carry also have a true White built-in that provides either a deeper or lighter variation of colour (including amber) than would normally be possible without the white led.   The other half are constructed with a true spectrum UltraViolet built-in.   These give off an amazing fuschia or deep pinkish colour when it is requested, and of course provide an amazing flourescent blacklight experience on the dance floor.   Generally, silver, greys or washed (pastel) yellows or pinks are not currently possible with most combination led pars.   However, these 4 colours aren't usually requested either.

So really, up-lighting is a beautiful thing when set up correctly.   This is especially true with the right amount of highlighting in a hall that has enough features to be lit appropriately.   Our cost is very reasonable and we love doing it every time.

At Medallion Sound, our up-lighting service is an option at most wedding receptions or corporate events involving mid to large sized venues.   It's especially beneficial to clients who book one of our wedding packages - as you can literally save hundreds off our regular rates.   If you are interested, just let us know when you book us for your event.   We would be happy to discuss this and all of your other lighting and entertainment needs.