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Professional Lighting Enhancements


Rotating Heads

Rotating Pan & Tilt Heads

Truly wonderful lights.   We carry multiple units that spin completely around and tilt from front to back.    Fully dmx capable, they come with 8 colors, 7 gobos & spot.   Randomized patterns & color-changing modes make a dance floor look very exciting, giving the appearance of being at a live concert.

Center Of Show Lights

Center Of Show Lights

Certain fixtures (center-pieces) are considered all-in-one units that perform multiple programmed light shows all on their own.   They are usually placed front and center to highlight the dance floor.   But aiming them at a back wall or ceiling also inspires people to dance, and creates a great atmosphere.

Colour Profile Panels

Colour Profile Panels

These beauties are the smaller, more efficient led versions of the old chaser style colored bulb boards that weighed about 150 lbs back in the early 80's.   Profile panels will chase through multiple patterns, and colour wash your hall with very bright light.   Also used as wash lights in various applications.



Lasers are a really cool effect, when used in contrast to conventional lighting.   Projection lasers look best projecting several fancy moving patterns on a surface.   Aerial lasers tend not to have great patterns, but are best seen through haze.   Haze is best for crisp, clear colours (if the hall will allow it).

Inno Pocket Roll

Inno Pocket Rollers

Scanners with a full motorized pan and tilt barrel mirror that reflects multiple gobo images and mixed colour patterns.    Spins the imaging front and center and top to bottom of any hall.   Fast-moving dance lighting.

Spider Moving Heads

Spider Moving Head Lights

Quick-moving directional beams of red, green, blue & white.  They paint a wide swath of coloured light & dance effects by chasing, & pulsing to every beat they hear.  Especially great for schools or large venues with non-formal gatherings.


Moonflowered Lighting

Moonflowers are among the original led lighting that came out years ago, and are still used in many applications today.   They project flowered & geometric beams of red, green, blue, orange, purple and white onto any surface without blinding an audience.

Vertigo Led

Vertigo Hex Led

The Vertigo Hex Led's are an all-time favourite.   They fill the entire hall with semi-bright beams of moving coloured light.   They simulate the old mirror balls, but are much better.   The lights flash, rotate, and change colour all night long, and the fixture looks pretty good when viewing straight on.

Par Lighting

Par Lighting w/ UV

Our par lighting is great for light washing at all types of events, and as uplighting for weddings & corporate events.   We even provide custom-made light shields for uplighting jobs.   Fully dmx'd - they also come with adjustable intensity UltraViolet light to make anything white glow in the dark.   Very bright & versatile lights.



The original light beacons are still used today at early to mid-level school dances, and younger crowd events.   Very bright, they rotate faithfully around the hall lighting up everything their powerful beams touch.   Especially popular at Halloween and Valentines Day.

A note about particle ejection special effects machines.   The majority of venues today will not allow special effects machines to be used inside their halls.   The chance of setting off fire alarms and causing injury from slippery surfaces, liquid film (coating eyeglasses, food and expensive clothing), asthma and other health issues - is more than enough reason to not allow special effects machines onto their premises.   Insurance claims over these issues is a nightmare.   As a result, we no longer carry or offer fog, haze, CO2 cannon guns, bubble-making or cold sparkular machines.   Though dancing in the clouds is a nice effect, it is also inherently dangerous to asmathics and any others if the room is not properly ventilated.
We thank you in advance for your understanding.