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Music Styles


Wedding Couple's First Dance

Waltzes For Every Occasion

Choosing a waltz that you and your partner want as "your dance" can be difficult.   Some know right away, but most need time to find just the right one that speaks to them.   With so many genres and styles of waltzes to choose from, it can be a frustrating task.   So, let us help.   We carry several genres of waltzes from very old-time waltzes to jazz, country, motown, pop, rock and contemporary (all modern genres).   We can give you samples to listen to while you decide.   Or, in the event we don't have the one song that you know is the "one" - then we'll get it for you.   While you're at it, you may also consider using some special songs for a father/daughter, mother/son dance if that is in your plans.   Having an anniversary?   We can help there too!   One call does it all...    phone / text ,     email  or fill in our    contact form.

Varied Music Styles

Today's generation is accustomed to so many genre styles that it has certainly kept us hopping just trying to keep up.   We carry so many styles of music for so many people, that we literally have to bring everything for every music taste, whenever we play.   This has had the benefit of keeping us current, and being able to satisfy some very off-chart requests.

Some examples are east-coast folk music, big-band orchestral & jazz, irish, ukrainian, italian & latin (tango's, foxtrot's, merengue's, cha-cha's, salsa's, etc), French-Canadian & Metis, Christian, early House and many others.   If by chance, we do not happen to have what you're looking for, then we'll endeavour to get it for you.   Try us.   We promise.

Tango Dancing
Fashion Show

Planning A Corporate Event?

Fashion shows, Christmas parties, company retirements sporting events, appreciation banquets - you name it, we'll be there.

Together, we'll discuss all aspects of your event, and what you would like to see happen.   Then on the day of your event, you can attend to anything else you need to, and be comforted knowing that the music and lighting end will be looked after. You can always provide us with your own music if you choose, or we can provide the appropriate content.

Let's talk.   You know  what to do.


Our pride is in playing back high quality bitrate songs.   But, the quality in the software is only as good as the equipment we play with.   We use only professional high-end equipment made especially for experienced DJ's.

These brands include Pioneer, Yorkville, Behringer, Numark, Electro-voice, American DJ, Chauvet, etc.   Rest assured that quality is first and foremost in our thoughts well before we come out to work for you.

So what are you waiting for ?

Reach out today.

DJ's Console Mixer
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