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Preparing Your Entertainment


"We had so much fun!   Thank you for coming out and playing such a huge part in our special day! "   - Christine & Stephen,  Sept. 24, 2021

Happy fellow who planned with Medallion Sound

Are You Ready For The Main Event..?

The most important aspect of your day is in the planning.

What a wonderful day!   You are excited and feeling great!   You have an event coming up that is suddenly the most important thing in your life - even if it's a year away, your excitement is now!   That is totally cool - you should be happy.   But, now you're faced with one of many difficult decisions ahead.   Who do you hire as a professional DJ?   The answer isn't always so easy.   Perhaps you don't already have an established company in mind that you trust.   Or, you have used a service in the past that has consistently let you down.   So now instead of being happy, you find your jets have cooled, you're frustrated and bothered that you now have to do some research into who might be any good?

Believe it when I say we totally understand.   We get it.   At Medallion Sound, we stand a cut above for many reasons.   But most important though, is we feel clients like you are part of our ever-expanding family.

When you first contact us, it's the start of a very pleasant journey together.   You and your event will never be just a number in a long list of other numbers.   You and your priorities become one of the most important aspects of our very personal business.   It all starts out by simply introducing yourself and allowing us to have a conversation with you.   We'll even take you for a coffee and free consultation.   No worries and no pressure.

We’ll discuss your vision from start to finish and help you work toward developing the perfect itinerary from our perspective as music supply professionals . . . and no need to panic if you're just starting to plan things out.   We can help with plenty of advice, vendor referrals, and much more.   We promise to make you feel right at home during our meeting and will cover what we can do, in concert with your vision.   Together, we will build what you want.

Don't have the time?

But let’s say your time is limited.   You know what you want, and have something of a plan in place but need to pass on the consultation.

Cool as well.   We'll take the info you have and proceed on establishing your stress-free day, while you attend to different matters.
  Call / Text Darrell , send us an    email  or    connect with us here  to get started.

For clients like you, the bottom-line is customer service from beginning to end.   We keep your best interests at heart, and establish long-lasting relationships based on honesty,  value from our services,  and well - just good business.

And what do we get in return ? . . .

Relaxed, happy clients and the start of a great friendship.    Very worth it.

Hope this helps you with your difficult decision on who to hire.    :)