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Preparing Your Entertainment


" We had so much fun!   Thank you for coming out and playing such a huge part in our special day! "   - Christine & Stephen

Fun Dancing At A Wedding

Are You Ready For The Main Event..?

During the wedding planning process, even if you have a planner, it can be overwhelmingly new and difficult to understand the differences between vendors, services and prices.   With so many vendor options to choose from, where do you begin when you need to hire the right Wedding DJ who can match your personal style and that of your guests?

" There's no doubt about it, the musical entertainment provided can literally make or break a wedding celebration. "
(Source: The Knot & Wedding Wire  bridal wedding site's; 2018-2022)

I insist on building value and trust for every client that books with us.   Most people ask about pricing first, because they really don't know what else to ask.   So I'll briefly inform you about our incredible personalized service, why results from it are huge, and then I'll lead you to our pricing page - and you can decide from there.   Booking wedding specialists like us becomes a much easier decision once you know what you will be getting !

Begin with the number of people you want to invite, any budget already in place, and write down all the questions that need answering.   I can help with some important one's here.

Hey, it looks like you're a really good fit for me.   What happens next ?

Let's start by setting up a personal consultation and asking you about yourselves ..   How did you meet ?   How long have you been together ?   What would you like to see on your wedding day that you have seen at other weddings ?   What don't you want to see ?   . . and so on . .

Essentially I get to know what you want, and what you don't.   And we'll both make the effort to keep in touch regularly leading up to your big day.   This keeps both of us on the same page and practically ensures no surprises when your day arrives.   By listening and responding to your needs & updates as they grow and change  . . and they will . .   you get the advantage of your ideas being recognized and implemented, while I get the advantage of being fully prepared to play for a wildly successful ( ceremony and ) reception !

To help you along, confirmed wedding clients also receive a special Wedding Day Year Ahead Planner booklet with tons of valuable content and fill-able wedding day forms ( estimated value of $350 dollars ) - FREE of charge !   . . and you will have access ( if you want it ) to my private listing of reputable Manitoba vendors in just about every wedding category.   Additionally if needed, I offer assistance in speaking into a microphone ( for you and your wedding party ), waltzing  ( for your first dance ) and frayed nerves in general as your wedding day nears.   The guidance you receive from me and the wedding planner will lead you to realize perfect solutions to your ideas and why those ideas matter.    And for you  -  a stress-free experience with your own personal consultant  -  on-call and only a text or email away.

To sum up, you choose your package, we get to know each other and our expectations, you get undivided attention to all of your communications / updates, and you know you're getting the experience & skill to handle it all.   I also communicate with your other vendors to ensure no hidden surprises come the day of !   So immediately, you see the ultimate value you get from our services while solidifying trust and commitment - and yes, all without exceeding your budget.

After we meet, you should feel confident about hiring not just our service, but any service from any vendor.

" You are amazing to work with Darrell.   I love your passion for your work! "   - Leanne R. - Professional Wedding Planner;  Prairie Sky Events

Our  Wedding Packages (click here)  begin at an extremely reasonable $750 (for Receptions only), while all three packages are designed specifically to save you hundreds of dollars off of our regular A la Carte rates.   Each package has its own service and equipment includes.   Simply select the one that will suit you best.

Once you book with us, you will receive a level of service very few others in our competition set, offer.    Contact us  to inquire about our date availability and any other questions you have.

Still on the fence ?

Then there must be something that hasn't yet been answered for you.   Simply ask me any time.   You can also read the  About Us section  on the home page to reinforce just how we feel about our clients.   As a company we handle most types of events, not just weddings.   But if it is a wedding celebration you're concerned with, this is something we specialize in and have done so for 38 years.

You can ask for as much or as little assistance as you like, and your consultation doesn't have to be in-person, ( though it is highly recommended ).   So if you are serious about hiring the right professional DJ to handle your wedding day, then think about this . .

You are here - reading this right now.

THIS is your chance to get your wedding days' musical entertainment as close to perfect as possible - and at a great price !


  • no stress and no micro-managing  - you know everything on our end is taken care of
  • your tailor-made ceremony and reception music  - all of your favorite's on your best day
  • your Grand Entrance  - everyone cheering just for you !   Is there ever a better moment ?
  • emceed events with timed-announcements  - controlled and on a roll  . . you got this
  • the rhythm of your hearts in time  - as you dance for the first time as a married couple
  •     . . the list goes on . .

    The flow of your perfect evening matters.   Every memory of this special day should be among your best.

    From start to finish, we are all about You.   So get in touch with us today.   I know we can make your wedding absolutely rock !